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Roof Restoration Kippa-Ring

Local Kippa-Ring Specialists in Roof Repairs, Painting, & Cleaning Services

StormSafe Roof Restoration offer comprehensive roofing services throughout Kippa-Ring and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team of roofers can take care of all aspects of roof restorations, repairs, painting, cleaning, plus detailed leak detection services. Whether your roof needs a full renovation, targeted repairs or a fresh repaint, StormSafe are here to help. Book a no-obligation roofing quote from your local Kippa-Ring roofing specialists today.

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Full Roof Restorations Kippa-Ring

A faded appearance, water leaks, or broken tiles can be good indicators that it needs some serious attention. Our experienced roofing contractors will be able to assess your roof and provide expert advice on any work needed including retiling, reattaching guttering or full roof restorations.

Roof Painting Kippa-Ring

Not only will repainting your roof give it a noticeable lift, but it also helps to protect the tiles from the harsh rays of the sun. This is because the high-quality roof paint we use contains a special UV protectant and rust-resistant properties to help safeguard your roof.

Roof Painting | Stormsafe Roof Restoration

Complete Roof Repairs Kippa-Ring

StormSafe cover all aspects of gutter and roof repairs from repointing and re-bedding, to roof leak repairs and replacing broken tiles. A solid, waterproof roof is your homes most effective safeguard against the Australian climate which is why it’s essential to get any repairs carried out without delay.

Roof Leak Detection Specialists Kippa-Ring

Even a small roof leak can wreak havoc with your rafters, wall framing, and insulation, and can even lead to wood rot – all of which can be very costly to repair and replace.

A leaky roof can be easily fixed in its early stages but can cause a lot of problems if left too long. We recommend enlisting the help of a roof leak repair specialist as soon as you notice any of the signs listed here to protect your home from further damage.

Gutter and Roof Cleaning Services Kippa-Ring

Years of rain, hail and sunshine can make tiles look old and dirty, which can bring down the entire look of your home. The build-up of dirt and debris on the roof can create a damp environment which can lead to mould and mildew growth. In time, this can wear away the tile surface causing cracked or broken roof tiles.

We recommend homeowners in Kippa-Ring have their roof professionally cleaned once a year to extend the life of the roof.

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