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Roof Cleaning

Is your roof looking a little worse for wear?

Your roof takes the brunt of the elements and is often the first part of the home to show signs of wear and tear. Years of rain, hail and sunshine can make tiles look old and dirty, which can bring down the entire look of your home. The build-up of dirt and debris on the roof can create a damp environment which can lead to mould and mildew growth. In time, this can wear away the tile surface causing cracked or broken roof tiles. Once tiles are damaged a much more extensive treatment such as restoration or rebuild could be required.

We recommend homeowners have the roof professionally cleaned once a year to extend the life of their roof. Stormsafe offers professional roof cleaning services throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Ipswich regions.

Professional roof washing services

Gutter cleaning

Stormsafe Roof Restoration offers roof and gutter cleaning services across most of South East Queensland. Though often forgotten, your gutters are next in line for wear and tear from the weather and require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure your home is protected.

Blocked gutters can not only impact the rest of your roof but can attract birds and pests as the build-up of leaves and debris make the perfect habitat for their homes. The last thing you want is a costly roof repair to fix leaks caused by gutter clogs, so be sure to have your gutters cleaned regularly.

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Roof pressure cleaning

Roof pressure cleaning can effectively remove years of built up dirt and debris. Using an industrial grade pressure washer, our experienced roof cleaners can blast away debris to reveal a cleaner, fresher looking roof.

If you find your roof has lost its colour or is looking a little dull, roof pressure cleaning maybe your best option. Chat to one of our roofing experts today to find out if your roof is suitable for pressure cleaning today.

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Specialist metal roof cleaning

Regular cleaning of your metal roof makes sure it stays looking glossy and retains the original colour for longer, plus it removes any debris that could lead to degradation of the metal surface. Considering metal roofs can end up costing a lot more than tiled ones, it’s worth investing it regular metal roof cleaning to ensure the health and longevity of your roof.

We recommend metal roof cleaning is carried out once a year, or deep cleaning every couple of years with a high-pressure cleaner.

Important Note - due to the danger of working from heights plus the damage which can be caused if high-pressure cleaning is done incorrectly it is advised you never carry out roof cleaning yourself.

Tile roof cleaning experts

Cleaning a tile roof is a lot different to cleaning a metal one, as high-pressure washing can cause damage to the paint on roof tiles. Instead, a little more care is required when washing down a tile roof, especially if your tiles are made from terracotta or clay. Our experienced tile roof cleaning experts can recommend the most effective washing treatment for your roof and carry out the clean it without disrupting the tile colour or gloss.

Brisbane roof cleaning services

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