Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a 10 year warranty* on all full roof restorations. If you run into any problems down the line with your roof, we will come and sort it for you right away so it doesn’t matter whether you need small roof repairs Brisbane Southside or full roof restoration, we provide an exceptional roof repair services long after the initial installation.

We offer free quotes to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on our no-pressure approach so when you get a quote from our team, we will leave you to make up your own mind about your roof restoration Brisbane Southside. If you would like us to follow up on the quote, simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a consultation for you.

You don’t need to be at home when we inspect the roof but we would prefer it. This way we can talk to you about your roof repair Brisbane Southside and we can also explain the process to you as well so you know exactly what is going to happen, every step of the way.

Our roof painting Brisbane Southside service is catered around your individual needs. We will assess your roof to determine what needs to be done, before deciding on a proper course of action. Most roofs will need a re-coat over time because tiles can become weak, brittle and can begin to crack. The longer you leave this, the more your tiles will disintegrate, and this is something that you want to avoid at all costs. When you hire us, we will always decide on the right course of action before performing the right roof services.

Over time, UV rays and dirt can cause damage to your tiles. This can make the tiles appear discoloured and it can also contribute to mould growth. Our Brisbane Southside professional roofing services team will help to restore the aesthetic appearance of your roof as well as preventing these issues.

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